Wildfires have become a regular part of life for those living in California. They are commonplace enough to earn a dedicated season on the calendar. In 2020, nearly 10,000 wildfires burned across an estimated 4.2 million acres of land. Last year was especially devastating, reaching records unexperienced since 1960. As climate change worsens, wildfires are becoming more severe and frequent, extending the fire season far beyond its typical timeframe.
Wildfires’ unpredictability can be devastating for unprepared communities. In 2020, fires damaged or destroyed a total of 10,488 structures. Wildfires spread quickly and can reach neighborhoods before firefighters can get them under control. As a property owner, you’re willing to do anything to keep your home and family safe during wildfires. Though you cannot fireproof your house, there are several ways to protect your home from California wildfires.
As wildfires become more common, you must learn what to do when the next sparks ignite. Taking the correct precautions against wildfires can help protect your home in an emergency.

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