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MODEL #7077

Protect your small business from power outages 24/7 with a Guardian® Series commercial standby generator from Generac. This 20KW generator gets to work within seconds of detecting a power outage to provide nearly uninterrupted power for your business, protecting your inventory and any delicate electronics.

The Generac Guardian 7077 standby generator hooks right into your existing liquid propane or natural gas fuel lines. This constant, dependable fuel source allows the generator to kick on automatically when it senses an outage and remain operational until it detects that utility power has been restored. You don’t have to be on the premises to ensure your generator is working.

Guardian Series generators come with Generac G-Force engines that operate reliably in even the most extreme conditions and stand up to extended use. The three-phase air-cooled generator also offers Wi-Fi-connected Mobile Link™ remote monitoring, so you can check your machine’s operating status and maintenance alerts from your devices anywhere. Other key features include:

  • – Truepower™ Technology: This feature protects your delicate electronics from power surges by supplying clean, smooth power with less than 5% total harmonic distortion.
  • – RhinoCoat™ finish: To help resist corrosion and withstand extreme operating conditions, Generac Guardian generators are housed in aluminum enclosures finished with RhinoCoat powder-coat.
  • – Evolution™ Controller: Guardian Series commercial generators feature smart controls and a two-line multilingual LCD screen that allows operators to monitor battery status and track maintenance to ensure the generator is always in peak condition.
  • – Quiet-Test™ self-test mode: In Quiet-Test mode, your 7077 generators will run self-tests at low RPMs for five or 12 minutes for quieter operation and reduced fuel consumption.


All American Generator Services is a family-owned and operated business. We know local business owners’ concerns and understand exactly what it takes to protect your small business from extreme weather and power outages. 

We’re also the only PowerPro Premier Generac Dealer in the area, supplying business owners with some of the nation’s most reliable standby generators. Contact our team for pricing and get help finding the perfect generator to meet your business’s needs.



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